15 ways to fight the frazzled feeling and reset

You’re frazzled, anxious, and feeling far from “boss” territory. We’ve all been there, struggling to do the work, feeling snappy and sassy, and generally failing at whatever the task at hand may be.

Here are 15 quick ways to tackle that uninspired, exhausted, no-good feeling and reset your brain for a day of more butt kicking and less hair pulling.

  1. Just shut your stinking computer and walk away for a minute.
  2. Grab your kids, your dog, or your favorite podcast and go for a walk.
  3. Tackle a mindless project. Laundry, dishes, weeding the garden. It doesn’t matter as long as it doesn’t require too much brain power.
  4.  Adjust your surroundings. If you’re working from home, go grab a table at your favorite coffee shop. If you’re in the office, snuggle up on the couch at home.
  5. Find the playlist that gets you going. This is one of ours.
  6. Treat yourself to something special. Maybe it’s a pedicure, a cupcake, an extra bit of chocolate milk in your coffee this morning. It doesn’t matter as long as it feels like a treat.
  7. Plan something to look forward to. Schedule drinks with your girlfriends or book a flight somewhere dreamy, and circle that date on your calendar to keep you chugging along.
  8. Put on that outfit that makes you feel good. Wear it 3 days in a row if you have to. We won’t tell anyone.
  9. Make something with your hands. Getting creative in even the simplest of projects can be therapeutic for your soul and help get the wheels turning in your mind.
  10. Dig deep into the internet for the things that make you laugh out loud. Babies with drawn on eyebrows, cute dogs doing funny stuff, teacup pigs in boots. Take it all in.
  11. Call your bestie. She always knows what to say.
  12. Write (or talk) it out. Whether you prefer to journal with pen and paper or let it all out on a voice memo to yourself, give whatever big or small thoughts may be rolling around in that head of yours some space in the world.
  13. Start a routine. Whether you get up early to do yoga or sneak into the chocolate chips after your kids are asleep, get something on your schedule to look forward to each and every day.
  14. Get some air. Step outside, even if just to enjoy your coffee on the porch or to watch your dog do that leap-through-the-snow funny business. Fresh air has a special way of working magic.
  15. Call it quits for the day. Sometimes a day is too far gone. Don’t dig your heels in just to suffer over work you’ll probably end up redoing tomorrow. Take the mental health day and don’t you dare feel guilty about it. 

How do you like to flip your day around? Share with us in the comments!